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Guest Profile

Martha Sullivan

A one-time information systems consultant turned her most brilliant act of rebellion into a

career as a CPA, CFO, COO, and profit & value growth strategist, consulting to hundreds of

clients and colleagues over the past three decades.


Martha Sullivan, President of Provenance Hill Consulting, LLC, founded her firm with one

purpose: to help business owners build, buy and sell strong, profitable companies that are

attractive enough for someone to want to buy it when the owner decides to chase their next

adventure. It’s not just a transaction at that point; it’s a transformation.


Savvy business owners understand that building an attractive company doesn’t happen

overnight. It demands a conscious, disciplined effort to integrate the needs of the business, the

family, and the individual.


It’s not exit planning. It’s strategic life planning.


Provenance Hill Consulting: Where Business Transformations Begin.