Guest Profile

Mary Ann Pack

As a spiritual medium, founder of Envision Greatness Press, and joy advocate, Mary Ann Pack guides women through a transformation to disrupt the patterns of pain and struggle, reawakening the joy within them. Mary Ann suffered physically, mentally, and emotionally from religious trauma and, after leaving the church years ago, she has since thrived in joy, peace, and love. Today, Mary Ann supports those who feel like they are religious refugees or suffered toxic indoctrination as they navigate their path to become the joyous sovereign of their own life! Mary Ann’s purpose in writing and publishing the We Are Joy! book series is to help readers find their joy, their intuition, and their intention, and also to support them to live as joy embodied by facilitating The JOY! Matrix membership. Envision Greatness Press is accepting authors to participate in their fourth book in the We Are Joy! series entitled, Unmuted Voices, in conjunction with her podcast. Since Mary Ann began her wellness journey in 1993 when she sought to restore her own health, she has researched holistic life and spirituality. She has earned a Biblical Studies degree, certifications in Psych-K, Law of Attraction, Life Coaching and continues her education in healing, spirituality, and publishing. Visit and