Guest Profile

Mary DiSano

Mary DiSano worked as a financial supervisor for a major corporation in Providence, RI for 20 years before her spiritual awakening. After leaving the corporate world she felt a calling to public service and she obtained a degree in medical technology, and became certified in reflexology, Reiki and Reconnective Healing.

She is the co-author of the book, Divinely Touched: Transform Your Life, with her husband Dr. Dave DiSano. Dr. Dave, is a psychologist and author of Holistic Mental Health-Revised 2009. He has degrees in education, counseling and psychology, and has a private practice specializing in hypnotherapy. In 'Divinely Touched,' he offers technical support for what Mary experienced. He provides scientific research and explanations for phenomenon such as energy healing, ESP, telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, out-of-body experiences, and reincarnation. He connects current theories in quantum physics with historical data and first-hand accounts of Mary's experiences to "scientifically prove" what had happened to her was in fact, real.

Mary 'Divine' DiSano & Dr. Dave DiSano own and operate Divinely Touched Inc. Divinely Touched Inc. is committed to facilitating healing of the body, mind and spirit through individual sessions, workshops and seminars.