Guest Profile

Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Mary has led workshops and trips tosacred sites around the world since 1986 on such subjects as astrology,personal growth, earth energies, earth changes, lost civilizations, prophecy,sacred geometry and alternative healing. She is an author, dowser, astrologer,tarot reader, teacher, minister, personal growth facilitator and healer using a variety of modalities. Mary gives fast paceddirect readingsfocusing on creative, empoweringsolutions to life&700;s challenges. Mary uses astrology, tarot and psychicintuition. Consult her for questions on timing, relocation, health, career,finance, personal growth andrelationships.

Founder and teacher of AlmaStara Spirit School, Mary offers personalconsultations,private lessons, mentorships, classes and workshops in co-creativemanifestationworking with all the Kingdoms of the Earth - Devic,Imaginal, Elemental,Angelic, Human, Integral & Creator. She facilitates deeperconnection with the sacredarea upon the Earthin which you currently resideempowering you to grow yourrelationship with the Earth inways that nurture,feed and support you, the Earth andall living beings throughout theCosmos.Mary continues to facilitate journeys to avariety of sacred sites around theworld offering the opportunity to participate in these life altering trips.