Guest Profile

Mary Ellen Raynor

Mary Ellen formerly held positions as the manager of a law firm and as the manager of Investor Relations for a large international corporation headquartered in San Francisco.

In 1995 she left the corporate arena to search the healing arts for a path that would satisfy her concerns about family genetics that included cancer, heart disease and brain tumors. In the course of these explorations, she earned a Master of Science Degree in Natural Health and also studied Adaptive Mechanisms, CranioSacral Therapy, Integrated Awareness and Zero Balancing.

Today, she focuses on Aromatherapy and has developed an intuitional relationship with essential oils. She is attuned to recognize their gifts in developing blends that express an individual's core essence & support life's many transitions. She believes in and has personally experienced the therapeutic and spiritual value of aromatic oils & how to incorporate them in daily life to soothe the mind, body, spirit; elevate spiritual consciousness; release physical & emotional tensions; and bring elegance and joy into the environment. Her delight is in assisting others to explore their unlimited potential for healing and embrace their inherent gifts celebrating life by introducing them to these powerful elements of nature.

Mary Ellen joined the TEI team in 2005 and collaborates with Maureen St. Germain to create exclusive essential oil blends under the name AroMandalas as companions for all of the meditation CDs recorded by Maureen along with her manuals and sacred journeys. Mary Ellen and Maureen enjoy a unique relationship and continuing collaboration to introduce leading edge AroMandalas essential blends that contribute to the shift in consciousness and healing for the Planet.