Guest Profile

Mary Heath

Being no stranger to stress, depression and many life-changing crises Mary Heath knows full well just how much a person can suffer with the consequences of immense pressure and stress in their lives. However, in the early seventies after a serious episode of post-natal depression she attended classes in Pranayama yoga where she benefitted not only from the physical aspects of yoga but also a unique sequence of breath control exercises along with the philosophy of yoga. These classes resulted in Mary changing her life for ever. Not only did she eventually find peace of mind, calmness and the ability to cope with her life she also went on to teach others that they too could overcome their struggle with life’s pressures.


In the early nineties Mary studied with the International Stress Management Association UK going on to gaining qualifications in Counselling and later being awarded with Diplomas in Life Coaching, Energy Field Healing and Advance Practitioner status in the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Mary initially taught Pranayama Yoga in Adult Education and private classes but with her newly acquired qualifications she gained employment in a prestigious private psychiatric hospital and later worked for the NHS. For almost 30 years she applied all her skills, tools and techniques to all her clients and patients, whether in hospital, community mental health clinics or in her stress management consultancy work.