Guest Profile

Mary Jane Allen

 is a Wealth Catalyst and Joy Creation Specialist. As an innovator in the field of Energetic Healing and Wealth Creation Mary Jane enables her clients to see how their beliefs around money are holding them back in life. She then works with them to heal the deep causes of these money beliefs so that her clients can reduce debt and create wealth on their own terms.

Mary Jane's work involves helping visionary entrepreneurs who arent making or keeping the money they want, plug their money leaks so they can reduce debt and create wealth on their own terms. She also helps visionary healers find the truth and details of their life purpose and heal the fears that have held them back from the truth of their purpose so that they can succeed in business by working "on purpose."

Mary Jane's practice also includes energetic healing around the true root causes and challenges faced by shopaholics, all done in a sacred, non-judgmental space.

As a native of Nova Scotia, Canada and a graduate of Acadia University, Mary Jane worked for more than 15 years in jobs that were far from her true calling as a Wealth Catalyst and innovator and left her feeling bored and always "waiting for the weekend." She was feeling unfulfilled in life and had struggled several times with depression before she was shown her own life purpose in an Akashic Records reading.

Mary Jane offers a 30 minute "End Your Money Drama" Breakthrough session which is designed to get you clear on how your current money habits are impacting your life, what needs to change to make your money dreams happen, and you'll get clear guidance on your next steps.

Apply for an "End Your Money Drama" Breakthrough session at and visit the Contact Page.