Guest Profile

Mary Marony

Mary Morony is one of six children. She was born and raised in Charlottesville, Virginia, mainly by her family’s black maid. It was a time and place of segregated schools and water fountains, as well as restaurants and movie theaters that prohibited black customers. Morony’s inspiration for Apron Strings was her relationship with her family’s maid, who taught her love and acceptance with warmth, humor, and unending patience.


Mary Morony’s Done Growed Up, her second novel in a trilogy about the Mackey family that will be available in June 2016. Apron Strings, Mary’s first book in the series, developed the fascinating characters of this complicated, dysfunctional and completely loveable family.

Morony became a mother of four children and then earned a Bachelor of Arts in English (concentration in creative writing) at the University of Virginia when she was in her forties. She currently lives on a farm in Orange County, Virginia, just northeast of Charlottesville, with her husband of 27 years, Ralph, three dogs and a cat.