Guest Profile

Maura Barclay

Maura Barclayis a former fire fighter and title winning body builder. She is trained in Mixed Martial Arts,a therapeutic style of Yoga called Yoga Tune Upandthe Zen art of Budokon.

Studying under the Master and creator of Budokon, she quickly earned the rank of Sensei. Maura taught Yoga Tune Up at prestigious Equinox Fitness Club locations throughout Los Angeles and soon becamean Equinox teacher trainer, traveling to clubs around the nation.

Currently, she is the Director for Training and Continuing Education for Tune Up Fitness Worldwide. In hew new hometown of Seattle, she teaches Yoga Tune Up at select CrossFit and 8 Limbs Yoga locations and has a private yoga therapy practice at West Seattle Wellness.

Her greatest passion remainsUnbreakable Woman, The Art of Compassionate Self Defense. While developing her book on the subject, she teaches Unbreakable Woman empowerment seminars to women and teenage girls.