Guest Profile

Maxine Pearl Phillips

Maxine Pearl Phillips, The Levelless Woman, is a Career and Talent Performance Consultant, TEDx Speaker, and Entrepreneur. Maxine is passionate about living her legacy and helping professionals in transition and students (college and high school) recognize their strengths, worth, and capabilities. As a result, individuals know their natural abilities and strengths and choose the best career, design a strategy to reach the profession they want, receive the income they desire, and live the lifestyle they deserve. Maxine was overlooked in High School due to her 2.4 GPA, and did not recieve career counseling or support. However, her dedication to a Levelless Mindset enabled her to obtain two college degrees with honors and several certifications and become a business owner because she believed in herself. Maxine now empowers others to believe in themselves and is a role model to her children and future generations. She is genuinely "Living her Legacy" by "Transforming Generations and Leaving Legacies!"