Guest Profile

MeeTracy McCormick

Autoimmune Cooking Expert and Author Mee Tracy McCormick first started living A REAL FOOD LIFE as a last resort. Hereditary Crohns disease, an intestinal ulceration, a diagnosis of cancer waiting to be confirmed, and debilitating daily pain had knocked her down. Medical tests, treatments and medicines that threatened to kill her before they cured her had backed Mee Tracy into a health crisis corner.

When it seemed like she only had two options a slow and painful death or a sudden and quick death Mee Tracy looked at her husband and two small children and decided to find a third option, and if one didn't exist, to create it.

Mee Tracy did find her third option in her kitchen. She cooked her way out of her chronic autoimmune disease, she used whole foods to prevent the imminent cancer diagnosis, and in the process she created healing recipes that combine foods in a way that is more nutritious and delicious than she could have ever imagined before.

When Mee Tracy first started living A REAL FOOD LIFE food journey, she first had to learn what it meant to "cook." She had barely ever eaten fresh or unprocessed foods before and she certainly didnt know how to prepare them for herself or her family.

After experiencing notable improvements in her own health, Mee Tracy became singularly focused on learning more about the importance that food plays in our bodies. She searched everywhere for the common thread that was in all healing diets. She took the principles of raw food, macrobiotics, juicing, vegetarianism, organic farming, sustainable food, and organic meats and fashioned them into A REAL FOOD LIFE for herself and her family.

Making healthy food, easy, affordable and downright delicious was her quest, and turning herself into an Autoimmune Cooking Expert was the outcome. What makes Mee Tracy's healing recipes different from others is the broad scope of foods that she incorporates. She doesn't limit her cooking to raw, vegan, vegetarian, or macrobiotic foods. She cooks and recommends all of them, along with French and classic American cuisine modified with whole, real foods to make them healthy.

Once Mee Tracy was healthy enough to participate more fully in life, she became passionate about creating that longed-for home kitchen experience. In Nashville and Malibu she became a Community Food Advocate, creating community kitchen projects she had daydreamed about. Although Nashville, TN and Malibu, CA are two completely different places, Mee Tracy found that when people gather together, they have the same concerns, they want the same support, and they crave the same knowledge about how to make healthy food which tastes amazing.

Now more vitally healthy than she's ever been, Mee Tracy is an Autoimmune Cooking Expert, TV cooking personality, a Food Makeover Consultant, a Community Food Advocate and an Author. Click here to find out more about Mee Tracy's newest book, "My Kitchen Cure: How I Cooked My Way Out of Chronic Autoimmune Disease and Prevented Cancer With Whole Foods and Healing Recipes."