Guest Profile

Meggie Hale

Meggie Hale's passion for health and wellness is founded in a 17-year medical background, including several medical certifications. After serving as staffing supervisor for Olson Health Care, where she worked for eight years, she opened the first licensed care facility, which she operated for six years. During that time Meggie's focus was hospice care where she often accepted patients sent from other facilities with prior decubitus ulcers and other wounds. Meggie's primary goal was to make these patients comfortable by getting them healed as fast as possible. Together with a biologist and chemist she worked to create a natural formula that would help heal and pull out infection from tissue. They found the formula also helped regenerate new healthy tissue.

Meggie left the health care industry to launch her own health and wellness spa, where she combined the natural healing formula she helped create, with the body wrap concept. After struggling with her own weight for years, Meggie put into practice all she had learned about healthy living and began her own weight loss journey. She found that combined with diet and exercise, her new body-wrap not only helped reduce the excess skin from the weight loss but she was reaping the good side-effects from the nutrients her body was getting through the wraps. She named her wraps Slimmer Silhouette and began offering them at her spa. After witnessing the tremendous popularity and success, Meggie realized the potential that existed nationwide and the website was born.

Meggie herself has lost over 15 sizes with the help of Slimmer Silhouette, body wraps. She is currently in the process of launching, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping teens "blossom from the inside out" through life and food coaching, personal training and skin and beauty consulting. As a depressed teen herself, Meggie turned her life around with the help of a mentor who helped change her outlook, and is passionate about paying that gift forward.