Guest Profile

Melissa Harris

Melissa Harris is an internationally known and published artist and author, as well as a psychic empath. She holds a BFA and MFA in Painting and was honored with a prestigious Fulbright grant to study painting in Paris.

You may be familiar with her work by way of Creatrix, a company featuring her emotionally charged fantasy artwork on notecards, prints, and other gift items.

Melissa teaches spiritually oriented art-making classes combining meditation, visualization and shamanic journeying with artistic technique. know as "Painting Outside the Lines"TM. She has taught at the Omega Institute, the Open Center in New York and various other spiritual retreat centers. She travels throughout the US doing her Spirit Essence Portraits. In these highly unique sessions she attunes psychically to the sitter, then creates a narrative watercolor painting combining the elements of what she "sees" into an image that will be beneficial to the recipient as they move forward on their life's path.