Guest Profile

Michael B. Davie

Award-winning author of more than 20 critically acclaimed books, including cult classics The Late Man (novel) and Poetry for the Insane: The Full Mental plus non-fiction works such as Why Everybody Hates Toronto, Bushwhacked, Political Losers and Inside the Witches' Coven.

Also President/CEO of Manor House Publishing Inc., proud publishers of outstanding Canadian authors including famed singer-songwriter Ian Thomas, Holy Grail expert Michael Bradley, Law of Attraction authors Deborah Morrison and Arvind Singh, Perfect Prey author Liz Cole - and many more.

Also award-winning career journalist (Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, Hamilton Spectator and several national magazines)

Also President/CEO of Rockport Records International Corp., a newly formed but influential record label boasting up and coming artists such as rock band STOLEN CHANGE.