Guest Profile

Michael Borden

Vastuved International was founded by Michael Borden in 1998 for the purpose of promoting Vaastu Shastra and educating designers, architects, builders and homeowners of the potential of a more comfortable, happy and successful life lived in harmony through the principles of Vastu Shastra.
Michael Borden has a master's degree in Architecture from SCI-Arc in Los Angeles and a PhD from American University of Mayonic Science and Technology. He qualified as a fully trained Vaastu Architect in Tamil Nadu, India where he was personally trained by Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati of Mahabalipuram who was given the title of "Guru Shilpi Master teacher of Architects of India" by the President of India."

Mr. Borden comes from a family of builders, with over 30 years of experience building and/or designing custom residences in California and the Midwest. He is currently involved in Vastu building/design projects worldwide.

The principles of Vastu science that have been used in designing India's great and sacred temples can be applied to any building project. Michael has used these principles in designs from cottages to mansions, in schools, office buildings and factories.

The positive influence of the Vastu building geometry and orientation is an excellent environment for a home or office.