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Guest Profile

Michael Eastwood

Michael Eastwood is the author of Crystal Oversoul Attunements published by Findhorn Press 2011 and Unfolding Our Light book published by Findhorn Press 2013. He is the Director of AristiA which is where his crystals are offered.

He is also the creator of the Crystal Oversoul Essences. Michael is the co- writer of Paradigm Shift magazines articles on Crystal Healing - along with Margaret Ann Lembo. He is the chairman of ACHO Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations and CTC Crystal Therapy Council.

Michael underwent an 11 initiation and training in the Qabalah with the Order of Maat. Michael has been teaching in the healing arts for over 25 years, and today teaches 2 year and post graduate diplomas in crystal healing that encourage people to set up and develop their own crystal healing private practice. An international speaker, he has taught in England, Sweden, the USA, Germany, Luxembourg and France.


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