Guest Profile

Michael Sandler

Two years ago I stopped breathing while stuck in a freezing creek bed, bleeding out internally, and fighting for my life. When medics arrived I didn’t have any blood pressure and it took two flight for life helicopters to save me.


I now have two titanium hips, two titanium femurs, and I’ve had ten knee operations, and a hole where my ACL used to be. I was shattered physically and we were devastated financially.


And yet we’ve overcome it all and more, and now we have a burning desire to help you overcome your challenges as well. I know what’s it’s like to be on the brink and what it takes to come back. I feel I’ve been given a lease on life to help others. Nothing’s more important to me.


I used to listen to speaker after speaker, audiobook after audiobook, and watch DVD after DVD to reprogram my mind, and help me rebuild my life. We’ve created the Inspire Nation Show, to give you all the resources you need, in one place.


Motivational speakers, health experts, inspiring athletes and regular Joes, and Janes, who have powerful lessons to share, because they’ve been their themselves. They know how to overcome, and live their greatest life possible.


And we know you can too. With the advice, guidance, stories, inspirational quotes,and radiant positive energy you’ll find on this site and on our show, you can’t help but round the corner and catapult yourself toward perfect health, happiness, and success.


We wish you the best on your journey and we hope you’ll come along with us. You’ve got the light inside of you. We’re just here to help you SHINE!!!