Guest Profile

Michele Cempaka

Michele Cempaka has been living on Bali since 2002 with her Balinese husband and 14 year old son. In 2004, she began her in depth studies in alternative healing therapies such as Reiki, Shamanism, Hypnotherapy, Energy Psychology and Mediumship.

She has helped hundreds of people overcome depression, fears & phobias, anxiety, confusion, chronic pain and other serious illnesses. Her earliest memory of being an 'Empath' was at age 4, when she realized that she could feel/read other people's feelings. This gift enables her to easily know/understand what her client is experiencing, so she can support her client with deep healing and transformation.

Michele also facilitates a variety of workshops and retreats both on and off Bali, which focus on giving people tools for elevating their consciousness so they can tap into their own innate healing abilities and transform their lives.

In addition, she is a published author of many magazine and news articles and was a contributing author to the book: 'Journey to Riches: the Benefit of Challenge'. Michele was also featured in the short documentary: 'Dukun' - a film by Mason Cade Packer. Michele also offers private online intuitive coaching & healing sessions. Her mission is to touch 1 million people's lives so that consciousness will spread throughout the world.