Guest Profile

Michele Laub

I am grateful that I have studied, lived and taught Toltec wisdom for the past seven years, as I support others in their experience of accelerated Earth changes and the quickening of their awareness. My personal process as a Toltec Dreamer has worked for me, and thousands of others as we re-create our lives by making new agreements that support our happiness.

I am thrilled to share the simple tools and practices that accelerate and deepen personal awareness-- the key to conscious evolution. The extraordinary opportunity to seed the future is Now. We are in the gap of creation where new forms emerge. The technological advances of our Information Age foster unity, connection and personal freedom.

In order to affect the change we want to see in the world, we must first clean up the beliefs that led to separation, competition and greed in the first place. Through integrating the practical wisdom of The Five Agreements Be impeccable with your word, Dont take anything personally, Dont make assumptions, Always do your best, Be Skeptical;, but learn to Listen, all the agreements we have made previously that are not in alignment with our highest good , rise to the surface for clearing I will share simple, easy to remember tools, phrases and actions, which when mastered through awareness and repetition, are life changing and will set you on the path to conscious evolution.

My personal shift is reflected in the launch of my new website. On November 15, I will shift from my former web presence as to, taking full ownership of the viewpoint I share in the world. I invite you to participate in a free conference call on Tuesday November 22 at 8 PM Eastern entitled "How can I break the bonds of my cultural programming and be free." Call 760-466-8197 passcode 92642.