Guest Profile

Michelle Carbone CCHt

Michelle is a highly trained Rapid Transformational Therapist with over 700 hours of experience in hypnotherapy, coaching, trauma, and intuition. She has honed her skills through personal training with Marisa Peer, the creator of this enhanced form of hypnotherapy, which incorporates CBT, NLP, and other techniques.

Additionally, Michelle is a certified mindfulness teacher trained in Rapid Transformational Coaching and is a graduate of the Intuitive Coaching Training by Dr Divi and Lynette Brown. Her passion lies in helping those on a spiritual journey who are working to heal ongoing relationship trauma, addiction, anxiety, habits, and other issues.

Michelle's coaching practice combines spiritual work and intuition with practical processes to help you heal yourself and learn how to know yourself in a deeper, more meaningful way. She is particularly adept at working with the "shadows" we all have, helping to heal the inner child and past versions of ourselves to create a fantastic future with intention.



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