Guest Profile

Michelle Carter

Born in British Columbia but making her home in Los Angeles Michelle Carter has always been passionate about healing and weaving meaningful messages in both her music and vocal lessons.

Michelle Carter helps others find and hear their bigger voice.

A classically trained vocalist, performer and multiple time recording artist Michelle has created a new way for personal expression and manifestation using her own unique style of interpretations and intuition through song, sound and vibration.

Helping others to feel safe and comfortable while expressing personal honesty and truth is a gift that comes naturally for Michelle. She uses her artistic and musical skills for this to become an effortless experience for all.

As she continues to record and license her music to various commercial, film and tv, she dedicates a larger portion of her creativity and time to The Mindset Make-Over with co-founder Lisa Berry.

Michelle Carter and Lisa Berry create coachable moments set to music and unique coaching programs offered online and accessible world wide!

Enthusiastically and optimistically they begin each conversation by offering a safe place to dream, share, believe and create.

Their mission is to take all ” Stuck, Stagnant, or need a Shift ” challenges in life to a place where everyone can experience their most desired result of what success means to them.