Guest Profile

Michelle Houchens

Psychic Medium Michelle Houchens' unique gift has taken her on a journey from a Fortune 100 Executive to a world renowned medium for spiritual channeling and energy understanding.

Over the 25 past years, Michelle as been a Medical Intuitive, CEO, Patent Holder, Registered Nurse, and Corporate Executive but since childhood she been gifted the skill of psychic ability. Michelle remained silent about her psychic skills from the age of five to forty&8208;seven, feeling modern Western Medicine would not value nor accept her gifts. She finally announced her intuitive skill set to the world and in a short period of time has built a clientele of well over 300 businesses and professionals that get and understand how the use of frequencies or science can help them gain success in the business world.

Some call her an Energy Consultant as she is clairaudient, clairvisual, and clairsentient. She is able to communicate, see and feel with Beings in the room, just the same as you and I sitting in a coffee shop chatting. In her current state of development we are always growing, she has transcended over 300 levels of consciousness and has discussions with up to eighteen Beings at once on the Other Side or in the Universes.

Over the past 15 years, she has been certified in Advanced Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, PSYCH-K Facilitator, Advanced Theta Healing, Intuitive Philosophies, and Courtroom Mediation. Michelle understands the metaphysics, paranormal, and new age as she uses her gift as a channel to all.