Guest Profile

Mike Tikkanen

Mike Tikkanen is the Founder and President of KARA and the author of Invisible Children.  His organization’s mission is to be a passionate and unapologetic advocate for the welfare of abused and neglected children supporting the people, policies, and programs that improve their lives.


Michael has spoken at the United Nations, on many radio programs, and all over the country to educate leaders on the impacts of child abuse. His team strives to show how childhood trauma has a direct causal relationship with troubled schools, jails, distressed communities, workforce problems, and adult physical and mental illnesses. Their work clearly shows the serious consequences abuse has to our communities and the huge financial burden this poses to government and business.


You can see more of his work at


To book Mike Tikkanen to speak on this important topic, reach him at 612-508-7272 or [email protected]