Guest Profile

Miranda Bryant

Miranda Bryant (she/her) is a certified menopause and life coach with a master’s in

public health.

Miranda began her professional life in her 20s as a newspaper journalist, where she

honed her ability to observe and ask powerful questions. Her second career was in

international public health – a satisfying endeavor that had her working in developing

countries to prevent disease and infections at the population level.

Desirous of working directly with individuals, Miranda leveraged her experience to

launch a career as a life and menopause coach. She did so after going through

menopause herself. She strongly believes that the limited number of resources, support,

and treatment for women in perimenopause and menopause is a gender equity issue.

Miranda embraces every opportunity to help women understand that menopause is the

single most consequential event in a woman’s life in terms of her health.

Miranda values authenticity, human connection, and growing out of her weaknesses.

She believes all individuals have limitless potential.

Miranda works with women of all backgrounds. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, with

her spunky Corgi, Harry.