Guest Profile

Momo Yasutake

Momo Yasutake - Entrepreneur, Healer, Manifestation Coach here to liberate your soul and help you become the wealthiest person you know inside & out. She is living proof that there is no such thing as impossible once we align ourselves to our powerful true authentic selves. She went from depressed, sick with Lupus (a so-called "incurable" autoimmune disease), broke and broken to traveling the world Lupus free, changing lives, living her passion with her soul tribe all while making as much money as she wants. Her mission, her passion, the reason why she's come to this planet, is to ignite the lights of thousands so each person can embody their gifts and contribute their soul purpose to the world. And she's helped many to do just that. Some of the things she's studied include: Genetics, Epigenetics, Microbiome, Source Point, Reiki, Mindscape, Astrology, Ayurvedic Medicine, TCM, BodyTalk, Past life Work, Mediumship, Angel Work, Soul Coaching, Mindset work, Law of Attraction, Manifestation Practice, Yoga, Soul Hacking. 
By embodying the frequency of abundance, joy, and freedom she is now living the dream in her two homes Bali and Santa Cruz, California working as many hours as she wants making as much money as she wants, transforming lives, living her calling.