Guest Profile

Monica Morrissey

Monica Morrissey lives in Northern Vermont with her husband and two cats. She loves hiking, swimming and being with her grandkids.

Monica was a public educator for over thirty years. Her experience teaching others helped her gain the knowledge she would need for the unexpected career change; becoming an author and Spiritual Healer. Following her intuition like never before, she began sharing stories about synchronistic events revealing that our souls never die. At the age of fifty, she published her inspiring Dimes from Heaven, How Coins and Coincidences Helped Me Discover My Life as an Empath book to help others understand our connection to loved ones who are in the spirit world and how our thoughts affect our health. Dimes from Heaven  was a finalist for the International Indie Book Awards in the category of death and dying and was an Amazon #1 Top New Release in Supernaturalism. Her second book, More Dimes from Heaven shares her story to be an author- with so many synchronistic events along her journey. Her third book, Once Upon a Dime, Heaven is Talking to Us. Do You Know How to Listen? Explains how to get a sign from a loved one using thoughts and energy balancing. Each of her books gives us the keys to open the door to heaven so we are able to feel the deep love for those no longer with us.

Monica was careful to leave  spirituality out of the classroom. Since the tragic death of her nephew in 2008, she secretly began reading and studying about mediums, death, grief, and how our body (and life) are affected by our thoughts. She now has a better knowledge about the afterlife to share with others. Monica is a Reiki Master and Instructor, Spiritual Healer, Intuitive Card Reader, Past Life Regression practitioner, and loves to analyze dreams. At her business, Intuitive Wellness, Monica is dedicated and passionate about  soul-care, where true spiritual seekers look to find joy, happiness and spiritual connection because we are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul.