Guest Profile

Monica Shah

Monica Shah is the business breakthrough specialist, Kellogg MBA grad, and business professor helps women business owners double their income within 12-18 months. She is passionate about helping women to monetize their businesses to create their dream lifestyles. Revenue Breakthrough is Monica's 2nd six-figure company.

Her corporate and teaching background allow Monica to show business owners how to step into their role as the CEO of their businesses. She shows them the HOW, every step of the process to grow their businesses to the next level, without going broke or crazy in the process.

Monica is the author of: Creating Your Revenue Breakthrough - Five Steps to Doubling Your Income in the Next 60 Days, and the Money Magnet Kit. She is the creator of the Revenue Breakthrough Program, which combines business, marketing and money strategies to teach business owners the essential foundations they need to create six-figure businesses and beyond.

To get her free report, Doubling Your Income in the Next 60 Days, to go