Guest Profile

Monte Skall

Monte Skall is the Executive Director of the National Capital Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Association (NatCapLyme), a non-profit organization dedicated to Lyme and tick-borne disease education, prevention, research and patient support. Bitten by a tick in 1991, it took seven years and over a dozen doctors, including a trip to the Mayo Clinic, before Monte was diagnosed and treated. For the last 15 years, she has fought for the rights of Lyme patients; a journey that has made her a nationally recognized leader in the Lyme patient advocacy community. In 2001, she helped form NatCapLyme and under her guidance and leadership, the organization has grown to include chapters throughout Virginia, and in Maryland, North and South Carolina and the District of Columbia..

Monte has testified, lobbied and educated at all governmental levels about Lyme and tick-borne diseases. She was the key organizer of an educational briefing and information program for the U.S. Congress that included all 535 congressional offices. Working with state representatives she helped to pass legislation in both Virginia and Maryland and testified in committees regarding Lyme and tick-borne diseases. Monte also served on state and county task forces in Virginia and Maryland that studied Lyme and tick-borne diseases and partnered on prevention projects with local county Health Departments. She has also worked with Federal government agencies including the Centers for Disease Control and the National Academy of Science’s Institute of Medicine.

Monte is a frequent invited speaker at area clubs and associations on the topic of Lyme disease awareness, prevention and treatment options. She has been a hospital trained support group facilitator at Sibley Memorial Hospital since 2001, helping patients and their families to cope with Lyme and tick-borne diseases.

Before Lyme, Monte was a professional artist and art teacher. She earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from George Washington University in Washington D.C. Since contracting Lyme disease, Monte has applied her creative talents towards finding solutions to the many problems confronting Lyme patients and their family members.