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  03/02/2012      02:30 pm

Fire it up with CJ!: Fire It Up with CJ - The healing power of your own voice.

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Singer Songwriter Poet Musician Artist Gardener Builder Country woman Crochet Artist Seamstress Gemstone Beader Drummer Dancer Bell Ringer Song Singer Seeker of Wisdom, Inspiration, Peace Lover of horses, music, women, organic food, small tiny things, nature, crisp apples, country living, wood heat, sacred geometry, quantum physics, herbal medicine, fabric, fairies, frequency, family.

Known in the world for many years as Mimi Baczewska, Mosa re-invented herself after surviving "the pause that refreshes." Now in refresh mode, she has taken the name Mosa which reflects the meaning "active knowing."


Darcy Pariso