Guest Profile

Moyra Mackie

Moyra Mackie is an experienced and accredited executive coach and organisational

consultant. A Master Practitioner recognised by the European Mentoring and Coaching

Council, Moyra’s training draws from experience and research in therapy, counselling and

relational coaching developing a style that is both mindful and relational.


Her holistic approach focuses on helping people with connection. In a world where people

frequently feel disconnected, she helps others (re) connect with themselves, with their

partners, family, loved ones and teams. Moyra works from the inside out to help people

discover who they are and how they are really feeling. This then gives them the clarity and

tools to deal with life’s challenges such as stress, crises and change. In an increasingly

volatile, and uncertain world, she helps busy, successful and ambitious managers and teams to measurably and sustainably develop their leadership


Also known as The Journal Coach, Moyra believes and practices the science behind

journaling as providing a reflective practice which has an immediate and long-term

impact on emotional well-being and mental clarity, professionally and personally.


In 2021, Moyra wrote and published her first book; The Journal Safari; a journal that guides

clients through the process of writing down their thoughts and feelings and working towards

setting life goals. Alongside this, she also created the Inner Circle ; a private online journaling community and membership where members can access weekly guided

journaling classes, monthly talks with experts from the creative and wellness fields, as well as private Q&A sessions.


Using journaling as one of her key practices in her coaching today, Moyra helps a variety of

clients ranging from c-suite executives in large multinationals, to founders of successful start



Moyra began her professional life as an Account Manager for Saatchi & Saatchi. She then

spend 15 years in the corporate world of communications, marketing and consultants,

including a decade as senior partner of a learning and development consultancy, running a

global team of consultants and trainers. During this time she recognised that genuine, trustful communication lies at the heart of good leadership, effective team work and successful organisations.


Moyra’s move into coaching was gradual. In 2016, she earned an MSc in Executive Coaching at Ashridge Business School; a rigorous qualification which taught Moyra that the relationship between coach and client is at the heart of effective coaching and is, therefore, the central vehicle for learning and change. She has gone on to become a leading career and leadership coach and consultant forming her own business to work with entrepreneurs, start-ups and multinationals.


Moyra initially experimented with journaling during her studies for her Masters, however, it was when she made the decision to leave a decades-long marriage, that she really engaged with regularly putting pen to paper; discovering that journaling is a powerful form of self-coaching.


By using journaling, Moyra helps clients carve out time for quality thinking; working out what

their personal values are and setting life goals that align with these values. It is her Mission to help people move from constant busyness and survival thinking to thriving at home and work.


Born in Zimbabwe and moving to the UK when 11 years old, and with residency in both Italy

and the USA; Moyra is familiar with navigating difference, change and transition. She has

used her real-life experiences to help clients on a genuine path of positive change.