Guest Profile

Nadine Love

Nadine Love is a celebrated international speaker, award-winning transformational trainer, and motivational mentor. Her career has spanned four continents and two million-dollar businesses.

With twenty-five years' experience in the international wellness industry, she is acclaimed for facilitating deep, rapid, and lasting change with groups and individuals. Nadine is a visionary, spiritual entrepreneur whose business and theater background provide the foundation for her roles as an inspiring author, dedicated educator, and dynamic leader in personal development. She was granted Facilitator of the Year, 2010, by The Coaching Institute of Melbourne. Most recently, Nadine was awarded winner of the prestigious Transformational Authors Writing Contest, 2011.

Through her products, books, and services, Nadine helps coaches, trainers, speakers, authors, healers, online marketers, educators and entrepreneurs transform their lives personally and professionally and build confidence to discover, clarify, and creatively communicate their messages so they can make their unique contributions to the world.
Her specialty program, Your Unique System, delivers transformational personal and business mentoring focused on identifying the talents and authentic purpose of the individual and creating a sustainable, ethical business from that aligned, connected, conscious space.

Nadine wants the life-changing transformational information and inspiration that is the basis of her work with clients and groups to be widely available. This was the motivation for writing Hot Confidence: Conscious Pathways to Take You from Mini-Me to Magnificent and the Hot Confidence Workbook.

As well as her ongoing work with clients, Nadine runs regular, local neuro-linguistic programming NLP practice groups, so NLP practitioners can meet, share stories, and improve their skills.

Nadine is a regular presenter for the International Coach Federation, and she will be presenting her signature talk, "How to Clarify Your Coaching Message to Create Your Difference," at the high profile International Coach Federation Coaching Conference in Sydney, Australia, in 2013.

She has been invited by the Australian Board of NLP to deliver her innovative workshops in both Brisbane and Sydney.

She recently inspired people at the Women's Lifestyle Expo, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, with her workshop "It's Your Time to Talk" to assist people with public speaking; and at the Heal Yourself Expo, Sunshine Coast with her signature talk "Your Hot Confidence Secrets Revealed."
Where ever she presents, Nadine's live NLP interventions are always extremely popular as dramatic real-time positive transformation occurs with her volunteer clients whilst being simultaneously experienced by her audiences.
Nadine is passionate about contributing to the evolution of a resilient, sustainable, conscious global community. Her vision is to align with others who are inspiring and instructing people on how to live their boldest dreams and create their unique difference. She stands for the co-creation of a peaceful planet where nations take care of the Earth and of each other.

"Born Free" is the title of Nadine's chapter in Pebbles in the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time published in 2012. This anthology instigated a wave of awareness for positive change around how the power of one persons story can bring hope, healing, and inspiration to others. Pebbles in the Pond is available at and at major booksellers.

Nadine lives with her partner, Derek, and daughter, Mira Moonbeam, in Queensland, Australia.