Guest Profile

Nan Akasha

Nan Akasha, CHT, Enlightened Wealth Coach & Spiritual Mentor

As the 1 Bestselling Author of Already Rich Secrets to Master Your Money Mind",
Nan has a intense passion to empower you to increase your wealth, happiness and ability to manifest on demand. As a dynamic and inspiring international Speaker who has been featured with cutting edge teachers like Gregg Bradden, Joe Vitale, and Doreen Virtue she uplifts your energy and activates your wealth vibe.

Using over 25 years of energy, mind and Spiritual work, Nan creates deeply transformative processes and tools that heal your heart and your bank account. More money, more inner peace, more purpose, more joy... all of these are accessible through Nans work. Experience is the key with Nan, as she guides you to feel free, wealthy and worthy, and live that way now.

A powerful hypnotherapist, host of the Magnetic Wealth radio show on Creator of the Magnetic Wealth Club, Sacred Travel guide and Spiritual mentor, Nan is here to open your path to Spiritual and Financial evolution.

Her mission is create a world of wealth conscious people who know how to tune in to the abundance that is waiting for them. Trained in over 12 healing modalities, Nan's inspiring, playful, empowering attitude has helped thousands of people worldwide to transform their lives. A joyful mother of twin girls, Emily and Sierra, "JoyfulNan" says "Free Your Mind and the Wealth Will Follow"