Guest Profile

Nanci Drew

Hi!  My name is Nanci Drew (yes, REALLY!) and I love to solve life’s mysteries.  I am a crystal-clear channel of divine energy and I work with Pure Love.  I am blessed with many, many wonderful gifts and I am often getting spiritual downloads of new information, gifts and abilities.  I am an intuitive healer, psychic reader, medium, channeller, psychic surgeon, past life regressionist and much more.  I speak and sing in beautiful Light Languages, and I work with a diverse range of Spiritual Guides including star beings, the ancient Egyptians, angels, fairies, mermaids, ascended masters, as well as beings from many planets and galaxies.  I carry information back to Earth from other dimensions and timelines.  My work is unique and high vibrational.

I did not awaken to my spirituality until my early 40s (approximately 2001) and it arrived with a nervous breakdown!  Like many lightworkers, I have not had an easy life this time around, but the experiences and the lessons I have learned along the way and I continue to learn have helped me understand the thousands of clients I have worked with since then.  Helping people and animals is my biggest joy and passion.

I am filled with joy and laughter, and I love working with all kinds of spiritual tools including crystals, singing bowls, cards, oils, and you will always find me with a pendulum in my bra.  I have an Egyptian Temple in my home where I see clients and I work with them over the phone and internet too.  I love to travel and engage with people, and I have been to many magical and spiritual places such as Egypt, Easter Island, Hawaii, Sedona Peru, Chile and Ireland.    I send you blessings and my heartfelt love!