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Nanci Reed

Author, Nanci Reed, a Pilates Intuitive Healer; Spiritual Life Coach, and Student/Teacher/ Facilitator of ‘A Course In Miracles’, is a SF Bay Area Native, that called LA-LA Land home for nearly a decade. Even though she can't fold a fitted sheet to save her life, she still believes in ‘impossible things' happening in the most unexpected of ways. Injuries sustained due to a serious car accident became the catalyst for her Self-Healing Journey. Practicing, and eventually Teaching, Pilates and Practical Spirituality fused with her academic background and graduate work in Psychology propelled her purpose to share what’s possible with others. Whether one wants to Heal their Mind, Body or Spirit, it’s possible to overcome the paralysis of perfectionism by gently embracing their Innate Inner Guidance with Kindness and Curiosity rather than preconceived judgments or comparisons. 'Happily Ever Living’ is Nanci’s unique, signature process to empower Self-Healing within her clients via Pilates + Practical Spirituality. Live your Happily Ever NOW, not AFTER everything else is perfect. Align your Mind, Body, and Spirit with Love, instead of limitations. It's time to be a part of your Self-Healing Process, not apart from it.