Guest Profile

Nancy Addison

Nancy Addison delivers the right recipe for healthy bodies and minds through a personal journey of discovery of what nourishes every cell, tissue, organ, and thought. Nancys clients have reversed medical conditions, lost weight, and learned how to eat energizing, healthy, fresh food.
Author of How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian
Co Author of Alive and Cooking
Food, Health and Recipe Columnist for Celebration Magazine
Nancy is well-versed in the art of health and nutrition, having studied with world renowned Doctors and nutritionists as well as having received certification from various Institutes and Universities including:
Certified Health Counselor by Columbia University Teachers College
Graduate and Certified Health Counselor of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition
Board Certified Health Practitioner with The American Association of Drugless Practitioners
Certified by Cornell University in Plant-Based Nutrition
Certified for Basic Intensive in Health-Supportive Cooking at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Health in NYC
Certified Raw Food Chef, Instructor and Teacher
Studied Mediterranean Cooking in Syros, Greece with Australasian College of Health & Sciences
Studied with Natalia Rose in Detoxification
Studied Conscious Organic Farming and Raw Food Cuisine at the Tree of Life
Graduate of Hollins College
Studied Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in London, England
Studied Chinese Gastronomy, London, England
Psychosomatic Therapy Certified Practitioner with the Australasian Institute of Body-Mind Analysis and Psychosomatic Therapy
Larry Hagmans Personal Chef and Nutritional Consultant
Before becoming a professional speaker and health counselor, Nancy experienced a penicillin overdose at a young age that demanded numerous blood transfusion and bone marrow tests, leaving her with acute anemia. Craving sugar for energy, she came very close to becoming diabetic and gained 50 extra unhealthful pounds while pregnant. She began to research all she could on health, nutrition and self-healing. Nancy adjusted her stressful lifestyle and food choices.