Guest Profile

Nancy Massar

Nancy Massar is founder and President of Mindful Coaching. She specializes in building thinking skills, upgrading language patterns, problem solving, decision making, and approaches to conflict. Nancys clients become more productive, improve their leadership effectiveness, enhance their relationship with customers and colleagues, make better decisions and improve their performance.

Nancy developed her skills through her 18 years of working at IBM Corporation. She holds a Master of Science degree in Human Resources Education and Organization Development from Fordham University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Long Island University and a coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching iPEC.

As founder of Mindful Coaching, Nancy coaches people individually and in organizations. Her ideal clients are possibility thinkers who are receptive to new ways of seeing themselves and their world. Being mindful is being aware, alert and attentive. And this breeds choice: choice in what we do, say, think, believe and perceive.