Guest Profile

Nancy Tung

Nancy Tung is bio-energy medicine practioner. She helps people with chronic pain and multi-generational healing through biology (our physical self) and through biography, the river of blood that runs to us and through us.
Her passion is to empower women who are on the path to grow, women in the healing professions, and women who are going through transitions in life. Transitions can be midlife crisis, chronic health challenges, and relationship upheavals. What's different about her approach is that she helps women getting to the root of their current issues without much relapse. Because, most of the current challenges are actually symptoms of something that came much earlier, may even be there before we were born. The ancestral imprint on our biology is very powerful!

The results people feel are:
- A renewed sense of self and the ability to embrace it wholeheartedly
- More energy, less worried and preoccupied with negativities
- A new set of beliefs systems that's life fulfilling then draining
- More physical, emotional, and spiritual welling
- Better relationship with loved ones
- More able to attract healthy romantic partners
- Happier and more productive with work