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Natalie is dedicated to helping others with love and compassion with all the tools that the universe to graciously provides. Whether people have lost their direction, need some assistance in finding their path, all those going through a transition in life such as a divorce, loss of a loved one, having lost your job, etc, those facing difficulties, and those who are ready to begin healing themselves and appreciate all the miracle that they are, whether people are already on their journey and just need a little assistance Natalie would be honored to assist you.

Serving others and supporting other individuals on their paths towards their highest and best has been a constant thread in Natalie's life. It is important for her that all those working with her understand that she's only here to empower them and provide assistance for as long as needed before everyone can and needs to move on in their own right and light.

Natalie holds meditation circles, gives Readings, shares energy attunements, healing systems, and provides healing. She is an Akashic Record reader and channels information her council Isis and other Ascended Masters, as well as others from the spiritual realms in general.

Natalie is a Minister and Doctor of Divinity with The Universal Light Church.

Natalie is a Master/Teacher of various Reiki/Energy Healing modalities, including: Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Atlantean Reiki, Ama Deus, to name just a few.

She is a certified Medical intuitive, Angel Communication, Zpoint Practitioner, Lightarian Angel Links Master Teacher, Lightarian Ray Master Teacher, Alchemy Reiki, Pyramid Reiki, Ray Sheeba Reiki, Violet Flame, Maheoo Reiki, and many others.

Natalie is currently completing her TAT certification while continuing to master various additional energy healing modalities.

Natalie has experience as a talk show host, dating back to her highly successful show on Voice America titles "Knowing Yourself" and a talk show on WebTalkRadio called: "Journey To The Self"

Natalie is available for talks, discussions, and spiritual & healing services upon request and she has a meditation CD available on her web site.

Natalie can easily be reached via email: , her website: or via FB:

She completed the Physio-Spiritual Massage training and is a Registered Behavioral Therapist . In addition she is a member of the ICRT. She currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland.