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  03/02/2012      12:00 pm

Chat with Natalie: " -- Getting to Know Yourself" Today we're talking about "WILD:The way of the woman's Wild Creative Heart" with Lisa Dieken, Natasha Reilly, Mary Rives, and Tina van Leuven.

Guest Profile

Natasha Reilly

For WILD, Natasha will be taking you on An Intuitive Mixed Media Journey to the Center of the Wild Woman Soul.
Natasha is a writing, arting cart-wheeler surfing wild waves of words and color that crash along the sands of her soul. As the founder of Creative Nachos a writing and art playground she uses an intuitive approach to assist people in becoming storytellers. Privately, Natasha helps clients to discover their inner cartwheel and teaches workshops where people strip away self-imposed boundaries to become limitless.


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