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Nathan Main

Nathan Main is an ongoing student/teacher of Esoteric, New Age, Mystical and Ascended Master Teachings. For more than 30 years, he has been a Light Worker and Spiritual Healer as well as a multi-modality, hands-on healer, and a mental, emotional and spiritual Energy Transformation/Healing Facilitator for ten years. Over the years, Nathan has developed tremendous spiritual and Intuitive talents and abilities, which includes working with higher levels of Consciousness, Angels And Light Beings, from Infinite levels of Spirit and His own "Divine I Am Presence."

Nathan has a Divine purpose, which is to facilitate transformational healing to individuals and groups, and introduce them to the higher principles and concepts Spirit intends for humanity. This knowledge transcends the limitations of religious beliefs, and allows for greater spiritual empowerment, understanding and possibility. This new and old sacred knowledge is based on the spiritual principle that we are Infinite and Divine Beings created in the Image of Infinite Spirit, Infinite Consciousness and Divine Intelligence.