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The Spiritual Freedom Show with Richard Lawrence: The Spiritual Freedom Show with Richard Lawrence: #19 - Service Is Love In Practical Action

Guest Profile

Navjit Kandola

Navjit Kandola is a spiritual advisor, educator, speaker, filmmaker, fulltime mum, and the Director of the Nizhoni School for Global Consciousness. She was the host and producer of two concurrent radio shows, Windows to the Sky and The Media Brunch, and also directed the independent programs Knowings, The Chris Griscom Show and Life In Motion.

Throughout her career, Navjit has worked worked with an incredibly diverse sphere of clientele, ranging from millionaires to homeless heroine addicts. She has also worked extensively with children and teens in public schools and detention centers. On her blogsite,, Navjit writes weekly in spirited style about awakening, love, awareness, and the evolution of higher consciousness. Star gazers and trailblazers welcome.