Guest Profile

Nayelli Perez

Astronatic’s vision is to have astrology become more mainstream, seen as a viable tool for the everyday person - relatable, accessible, and inclusive. It has the aim of helping people find out who they are, and how to live their most authentic lives.


Nayelli (the founder of Astronatic) has always had an interest in astrology, reading and studying it ever since she was a child. Astrology has helped her learn more about herself and has been there during her most challenging times. And now, she wants to provide that same journey to others through her astrology work.


Originally from the States, Nayelli moved to Canada based on an inner knowing of being connected to this country. Nayelli has a background in career counselling. She has over 8 years of experience working in university career centres and has Master’s degrees in School Counselling and Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies. Nayelli first entered the career services field to help students find their path. Over time, she continued to enjoy providing this to students but also maintained that longing to help others discover the why’s of their lives. Nayelli knew she could do this with astrology, seeing it as a tool that provides an unbiased view of the puzzle pieces that make a person who they are and could explain why certain experiences have happened in their lives.


Nayelli’s offerings: through Astronatic include the Astro Report - a 15-20 page personalized report (based on your natal chart) that provides information such as personality, career destiny, soul purpose, psychic ability, and more. She also offers 1 hour Astro Counselling sessions to connect life goals with information found in your natal chart.