Guest Profile

Neeti Savla

Neeti Salva is an award winning Business Coach & Body Wisdom Activator.  


She empowers women entrepreneurs who are experiencing burnout or chronic health conditions to create business success with wellbeing. Neeti’s mission is to support entrepreneurs with health conditions to truly own the body they are in, and intuitively channel an aligned business strategy that helps them to optimise their energy and confidence so that they can create sustainable wealth and impact on their own terms.


As a woman with 3 autoimmune conditions – Neeti has been able to support 100's of women entrepreneurs across 10+ countries to scale their impact driven businesses through her signature system “The Aligned & intuitive Business Paradigm” where she helps her clients transform 4 aspects of their life: Their body, their being, their beliefs and their business. They are able to:


  1. Embrace Their Unique Body-  They build an empowering relationship with their body, health and wellbeing so that they can thrive while running their business. 
  2. Own Their Authentic Being - They acknowledge and own their spiritual gifts and soul purpose fully so that they can claim their unique place in the world without fear of judgement or rejection.
  3. Build Unshakeable Self Belief - They build unshakable belief in who they are, what they are here to create, and how they want to show up so that they can create the movement they have been dreaming about. 
  4. Create an Aligned Business - They design an aligned business that’s guided by their intuition and is a perfect fit for their body, personality, energy and mission.