Guest Profile

New Earth Records

New Earth Records for more than two decades, has been bringing visionary music to enhance well-being to audiences in over 60 countries worldwide. Committed to spiritual enrichment, a healthy lifestyle, and an eco-conscious future, New Earth Records features a number of albums designed specifically to accompany relaxation, meditation, yoga, and the healing arts. New Earth Records is pleased to offer a wide array of chill-out, trance, electronic and world music to accompany our listeners in the dance through life.

The seeds of our company were planted in September, 1989 at the Osho International Resort in Pune, India. It all began with the Osho Kundalini Meditation and the Osho Dynamic Meditation. At that time, there were no CDs of Osho meditations or Osho music available; there was no Internet, no email, and no such thing as an MP3. Osho gave his blessings to our project idea and chose the name 'Tao Music,' which later became New Earth Records. We feel very honored to have him as our spiritual founder.

Each New Earth Records album is created with passion, joy and love to bring out music that makes a difference from the energy the artists who share the vision of New Earth Records put into the creation of each song to the creative juices squeezed into the development of the album design to the countless hours spent marketing and promoting the music.

We stand firmly behind our quality products and are proud to say that all of our printed materials from catalogs to CD booklets and tray cards are now printed on recycled papers using soy and vegetable inks and packaged in corn-based wrapping.

After our dedication to the creation of unique music to support a holistic way of life, our number one priority is to our customers and the service we offer them. We are constantly integrating innovative techniques to help us better serve our customers and are dedicated to being both fast and reliable, and running our business with integrity

Before meditation went mainstream, one of our first slogans was Music for People on the Path. Our vision during the years has always been to provide high-quality music that leads people into meditation and silence, to celebrate life as a divine gift, and to enjoy and carry healing vibrations to people and this planet.

In India, the existing philosophy is that the whole universe is composed of the sound 'OM.' It is our sincere understanding that through certain vibrations, sound energy healing can occur. With this in mind we are always looking for cutting edge, high-quality productions and artists who share this vision.

We thank our listeners, who made all this possible and who continue to support this ongoing manifestation. Without the support and feedback of our audience, who uses our musical catalog for the healing arts, meditation, Reiki, Yoga classes and celebration, we could have never grown to become what we are today.

Peace and Light,

Bhikkhu Shober and Waduda Paradiso