Guest Profile

Nicole Bianchi

Nicole M. Bianchi is widely regarded as the go-to source for

bravery + leadership and the author of Small Brave Moves:

Learn why little acts of bravery are the key to life-changing


She shatters the false belief that only some of us are brave by

showing us what gets in the way, and she shows us the path

forward with practical steps to help us advance.

After sixteen years as an executive in two Fortune 300

companies, Nicole co-founded and scaled Bravium HD, which

partners with companies like Google, GE, Macy’s, First

National Bank, and Union Pacific.

She is an international speaker, author, and award-winning

entrepreneur who works with executives, leaders, and teams

to craft their small brave moves.

Off-stage, she loves traveling with her husband and cheering

on her three young adult children in life. You can catch her

singing off-key karaoke with a full-bodied glass of wine in