Guest Profile

Nicole Howe

As a wife, mother and successful business woman, Nicole Howe knows the importance of maintaining the energy needed to lead a healthy, nurturing lifestyle while building a thriving career. As a Certified Medical Health Coach for Take Shape for Life / New Health Habits, Nicole deftly combines her entrepreneurial and business acumen with a deep passion for health, beauty, fundraising and family. This unique background provides Nicole with a profound understanding of the complexities of her clients everyday lives, and enables her to develop innovative ways to help clients achieve their lifetime health and fitness goals.

Nicoles corporate career includes climbing the ladder in sales and management at retail, banking and mobile telephone companies including Sprint, ARC and Cellular One. As a wife and mother, Nicole leveraged her corporate experience into an entrepreneurial career in direct sales, eventually overseeing 1000 of consultants. Her background also includes cosmetology school. Through these life experiences Nicole has found her true calling in giving back to the community and family, and is active in a variety of fundraisers supporting Breast Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, Public Education, Jubilee Reach, Angel Tree and Toys for Tots.

Today, as a Certified Medical Health Coach, Nicole has found a way to share her knowledge while helping others achieve the energy and health needed to lead a healthy life and career.

Nicoles personal story
I never had a problem with weight until I had children. Does this sound familiar to you? Whether you are a woman or man you know what I mean when I say you are eating for two. As a mom we worry about the unborn child inside us and are told to eat what we like. So we do I personally gained 41 pounds each of the three times I was pregnant. As for the dads among us they often fall into another trap. Its called sympathy eating. My husband did this and put on 32 lbs. As you can imagine as I got older it became harder and harder to lose the weight while focusing on being a mom and having a career. Although I was happy in my life, I also knew I needed to lose the extra weight and keep it off. Until I was introduced to New Health Habits, I was gullible to every quick fix scheme available. I bought the latest and greatest gadgets to lose weight, but I always seemed to gain it back. Overtime I discovered that the most reasonable way to look at your diet is not as a diet, but as a lifelong eating and exercise plan based on a personal success strategy that works with your unique life.

If you have felt the same way or have other weight loss challenges, please click on contact your new free health coach and you too will be living out your new health habits in your personal journey.