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Nicole Isler

Nicole lived most of her young life not aware she was a gifted sensitive. As a young girl having witnessed her mother's own self-doubt, giving up her personal power to circumstances, she wondered if there was a happier way to live. She later discovered, her mother suffered from a lack of awareness of her spiritual gift of sensitivity, embracing that she was instead, broken. 


As a young adult, she was awakened to a higher level of thinking. It was then she intuitively knew there was a better way. She began relentlessly seeking answers to the question "Why do we doubt ourselves?" She felt the same way but found a way to navigate through the frustration, isolation and discomfort. She set out on a mission to help other sensitive souls use their sensitivity in a way that it becomes their superpower. 


After decades of study in chiropractic, personal mindset, biology of beliefs and energy management, Nicole has come to the conclusion that no one knows the self, better than the self. "No one knows what's best for you better than you do".


It's learning to trust that inner voice that seems to fall short for many people. "Your inner chatter and beliefs about your own worthiness really do matter." Beliefs drive your experience of wholeness, wellness and personal success.


At Big Dream Awakening, Nicole Isler helps Highly Sensitive People (HSP) adapt to a world that isn’t filled with equally sensitive people so they can thrive and be happy.


She specializes in personal intuition and positivity (a unique combo!) If there were ever two tools needed to navigate through life’s emotional twists and turns, it’s intuition and positive energy. Nicole is here to help HSP recognize sensitivity is part of their genetic make-up, or what she calls their genius make-up, why they respond the way they do to certain aspects of life….and how to master their incredible, spiritual gift given to awaken big dreams.


Nicole, recognized for her unfailing positivity, is the forthcoming author of ‘Go With Your Gut’. Her inspiring nature and intuitive ability to detect and dismiss resistance has transformed the lives of many people, making her a highly sought after motivational speaker, group lecturer, and coach for sensitive souls.


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