Guest Profile

Nicole Short

Nicole Short is a multi-faceted practitioner who worksto empower people to their own state of inner calmness. From a young age Nicole felt different, not connecting with the world around her the way others seemed to be able to do easily. Nicole had great difficulty understanding why her system was so sensitive and why she would intuitively know the internal stateof others around her. She also had clairvoyant that she didn’t understand and tried to ignore. It wasn’t until 2003 when she experienced a dynamic life change, initiating a spiritual journey that brought her back to her natural state of being. This experience is what initiated her path of service to others, which has been her driving force since. To Nicole’s shock in 2006 her first-born son was diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, a language-based learning disability and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Her son also experienced extreme anxiety attacks that were very disheartening. This drove Nicole to seek out natural solutions for her son, her family and herself. To Nicole’s astonishment and deep gratitude the results she and her son experienced were beyond what any health professional deemed possible.

Nicole has taken training as a Reiki Practitioner, Angel Card Reading, Medium-ship, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Yuen Method Practitioner, Psychosomatic Therapy Practitioner, and Energetic Upgrade. Nicole integrates all of these techniques in correlation with her own life experiences to provide a strong healing and loving experience to every individual. With the assistance of the Divine, the ascended masters, the angels and your own spirit guides Nicole can bring you clarity, understanding and direction in your own life. It is now Nicole’s vision to assist others in having the same experience as she and her son. She wants to empower parents and any other care provider with tools and insight for themselves and their loved ones. Giving them the empowerment they are looking for in the toughest situations. This will bring a greater ability to find peace and joy in any situation so they can create the kind of environment and freedom that they desire.