Guest Profile

Nikki Siso

Hello! I’m Dr. Nikki on a mission to support Diabetics in seeing the condition as a blessing instead of a curse. I teach which foods won’t spike blood sugars and even more valuable is how to handle the triggers that lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms. Because when shit hits the fan… most don’t turn to a salad to satiate.

And Diabetes feels like a daily battle that triggers childhood wounds like no matter what I do it’s not goood enough. I know because I’ve had Diabetes for the last 16 years and that’s exactly the sensation. It’s impossible to get right all the time. I have a PhD in Holistic Helath and Nutrition and still deal with daily blood sugar highs and lows.

I have learned that Diabetes (and any health condition) can be used as a personal development tool and powerful spiritual guide. Call me if this would support your audience.

Originally from the UK and currently living in Austin, TX