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Nina Payne

Nina C. Payne lives in Solana Beach, CA. She is a poet, novelist, wife, amother of two, and a registered yoga instructor. Prior to her current life, she wasmanaging a fast paced financial services company. After the birth of her first child in1998, she left the corporate world to raise her children and discovered her passion foryoga. Her love of yoga goes beyond physical postures, and she finds great pleasure instudying the philosophy, psychology, and physiology of yoga.

Her debut novel, Moments in Time, is strongly inspired by her real-lifeexperiences. Having lost her brother to cancer and then her father four months later toa broken heart, it explores the obstacles many of us face and the courage it takes toovercome them.

Nina loves being at one with nature, and enjoys many other passions includingreading, all genres of music, hiking, rain forests, cooking, and long walks on thebeach.